Haunted Graveyard Photo Contest Rules

General Rules

  • All contestants (photographers and models) must sign the Release Form. Failure to sign the release form will disqualify you from the contest.
  • All costumes are welcomed for this contest.  Costumes do not need to be horror themed.
  • All photos submitted to the contest must have been taken within the confines of The Haunted Graveyard.
  • Only one photo will be considered per Participant. Any additional photos submitted will be ignored.
  • Photographers must provide their own equipment. This includes lighting. There will be lighting in most houses, however, outlets/electricity cannot be provided, so plan accordingly.
  • Photoshopping of the submitted photographs is allowed.
  • Each Participant in a group may enter a submission. However,
    • Submissions MUST be different. Either by using different sets, lighting, poses, etc.
    • Submissions MUST be entered by a different Participant in the group. Two submissions cannot be entered under the same name or email address.
    • Should one Participant win, no others in the same group will be considered for consecutive prizes.
  • Requesting “likes” from friends and family is allowed, but use of bots or other illicit means to procure “likes” will result in disqualification.
  • Photography while on Lake Compounce rides is strictly forbidden. Using a camera or camera phone while a ride is in operation is grounds for immediate dismissal from the park.
  • Participants may pose with sets and mannequins, but use of props or climbing on the sets is not allowed unless directly supervised by a Haunted Graveyard employee.

If any participant breaks a piece of equipment or prop, defaces the facilities, or causes any other damages, then he or she must pay to replace what was damaged. No exceptions.

Costume Rules

  • Real weapons are banned in the park regardless if they are functional or not, per Connecticut State Law.
  • Fake weaponry/props made from foam, paper mache, tissue paper, wood etc. are permitted, so long as they pass inspection at the Park gate.
    • Neither The Haunted Graveyard nor Lake Compounce can approve a prop prior to the event.
  • Prop weapons should NOT be carried outside the park.
    • The Police Department will treat anyone carrying realistic looking weapons as A LEGITIMATE THREAT and will take appropriate action.

See the Complete Contest Rules for further details on what props are and are not allowed.

How To Win

  • Entrants will be given access to the Haunted Graveyard before its opening on Saturday, October 1st or Sunday, October 2nd. They will be given an amount of time to go through the Graveyard and find a scene they wish to Photograph.
  • Entrants will have until 11:59 PM on Monday, October 3rd to submit their photograph, as per the guidelines stated under Complete Contest Rules. Late entries will not be considered for voting.
  • All Photos will be posted on the Haunted Graveyard’s Facebook Page where visitors can vote on their favorites by “liking” the picture.
    • Voting will close Sunday, October 9th. After which the votes will be tallied and the Top 10* voted pictures will become our Finalists. *Number subject to change based on Participation.
    • The Top 10 Finalists will then be posted to the Haunted Graveyard’s Facebook Page on Monday, October 10th, where visitors can again vote on their favorites.
      • Visitors to the Haunted Graveyard on the weekend of October 14th through 16th will get an additional vote upon leaving the Graveyard.
  • The Three (3) Winners will be announced on the Haunted Graveyard’s Facebook Page on Monday, October 17th, and will be invited to claim their prize on Friday, October 21st


First Place:       $1000 cash prize
Second Place:  $500 cash prize
Third Place:     $250 cash prize

  • Prize amount is the same regardless of how many people are in each group. For instance, if there are five people in the group and they win First Place, the prize is still $1000 and will be paid to the group “leader.”
  • Distribution within groups is not the responsibility of The Haunted Graveyard.
  • Winners of the Photo Contest must be present on Friday, October 21st during the announcement of the winners in order to claim their prize. If the winner is not present, the prize will be awarded to the runner up.


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